What does the MYH boosters do?

1) Make sure we can pay for the ice time that the city of Mentor charges our kids to skate.
2) Help pay for the out of town tournaments.

By fundraising and hosting tournaments, Mentor Youth Hockey Boosters have  always been able to pay five figures towards our the kids ice time otherwise, this cost would land on each hockey family

With New Hockey Director, Danny Fritsche, we will make Mentor a powerhouse hockey program once again. To meet our goals we need every parent to step up to help make this program the best in NE Ohio. We have all the ingredients to make it happen, we just need some more people power.

Try to make it to a meeting, they are fun and diverse with a range of expertise and backgrounds that we need to be successful  and of course – well behaved kids are welcomed!

Volunteer for the boosters club

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